The Sierran Archive

The Sierran newsletters from 2006 through 2014 are listed here. Previous years will be added as time allows. The most recent newsletters can be found on the main page.

Sierran Fall 2014[PDF]

  • Camel Association Headquarters by Virginia Lutes
  • Kentucky Curators Report August 2014 by Dianne Bruns
  • Early Sierra City History 1849 to 1871 by James Connolly
  • Major Museum Refurbishing Project is Underway!
  • Historical Society’s Annual Picnic

Sierran Summer 2014 [PDF]

  • Sattley Store by Virginia Lutes
  • Annual Meeting – September 14
  • Rita Faith Martinetti Bradley by Virginia Lutes
  • Sierra City Celebrates 150 Years!
  • Last Chance to Order Commemorative Items
  • Sattley Store Story (Not Historical but Hysterically Funny) by Judy Lawrence

Sierran Spring 2014 [PDF]

  • An Introduction to the History of Southeastern Sierra County by Bill Copren
  • Kentucky Mine and Museum Open For the Summer!
  • Remembering the Hotels of Loyalton by Elda Fae Ball
  • Sierra City Sesquicentennial June 21-22, 2014
  • Summer 2014 Concert Series News!

Sierran Winter 2014 [PDF]

  • Jack Campbell Fatally Shot In Randolph – September 15, 1882
  • Membership Corner
  • Museum Renovation Project
  • A New Curator Selected and Intern Scheduled
  • Summer 2014 Concert Series News!

Sierran Fall 2013 [PDF]

  • The Berger Family and the Berger Mountaineer Mine
  • Membership Report
  • Historic Sierra Buttes Mine Headquarters Building Hosts SCHS Annual Meeting
  • How Lemon Canyon and Many Plant Species Got Their Names
  • Presidents’ Message

Sierran Summer 2013 [PDF]

  • Diary Of Joshua D. Breyfogle, Sr. – continued
  • Become a Member! Dues for 2013 Payable Now!
  • Are You Ready for Some Mumbo Gumbo?
  • Tony Lavezzola Interview – 1951
  • Where Did I Come From?
  • Trommel Arrives at the Kentucky
  • Annual Historical Society Picnic! – September 8

Sierran Spring 2013 [PDF]

  • Yuba Ski Land
  • Diary Of Joshua D. Breyfogle, Sr. – continued
  • Oral History Update
  • Become a Member! Dues for 2013 Payable Now!
  • Summer’s Just Around the Corner!
  • Membership Corner

Sierran Winter 2012-13 [PDF]

  • Diary Of Joshua D. Breyfogle, Sr. – continued
  • Become a Member! Dues for 2013 Payable Now!
  • 2012 Annual Meeting Was Well Attended
  • Agriculture in the Sierra Valley
  • The Sport of Kings in the Sierra Valley in the 1880s!
  • Some Notes From the Kentucky Mine

Sierran Summer 2012 [PDF]

  • Diary Of Joshua D. Breyfogle, Sr.
  • Annual Meeting of the Sierra County Historical Society Announced
  • Behind Every Hero, A Book Review by William G. Copren
  • Oral History – We Want Yours!
  • Meet Matt Walker – Museum Intern
  • Kentucky Museum Recent Acquisitions
  • S.C.H.S. Membership Corner News

Sierran Spring 2012 [PDF]

  • Margaret Elaine Blasdell Lambert: Her Life in Sierra County
  • New Historical Society Website On Online!
  • Museum News and Announcement of Oral Interviews
  • Music is in the Air at the Kentucky Mine!
  • Elver and Barbara Martinetti
  • Membership Corner News, April 2012

Sierran Winter 2011-12 [PDF]

  • First People
  • Bud Buczkowske – Past Board President of Sierra County Historical Society and New Member of the
  • Lakota Sioux Tribe!
  • Sattley Facts – 1860
  • Winner of Historical Quilt Raffle Announced
  • Historical Society Annual Meeting Features Food, Fun, and Fascinating Historical Facts!
  • Historical Society Group Visits the Nevada State Museum

Sierran Fall 2011 [PDF]

  • Sierra County Pioneers – Charles and Margaret Perry
  • On Our Museum Wish List!
  • Tour the Old Sawmills of Sierra County
  • Flames Destroy Sierra County Courthouse – September 20, 1947
  • Another Call For Donated Items To Furnish the Lagomarsino Cabin
  • Annual Meeting Set for September 18 in Sierra Valley
  • Two Volunteers Extraordinaire!
  • Following Up – “Register” Provides Account of Sierraville History

Sierran Summer 2011 [PDF]

  • Political History of Nineteenth Century Sierra County – The Civil War Years, 1870’s & 1880’s
  • The Music at the Mine Concert Series Begins July 16th!
  • Quilt Featuring Historic Mining Photo Collage Could Be Yours!
  • Alleghany Author Ernest Finney Tells Tales of the Golden State in his New Book
  • Membership Corner: June 2011

Sierran Spring 2011 [PDF]

  • Political History of Nineteenth Century Sierra County – The First Decade, the 1850’s
  • Before We Know It Music Will Fill the Summer Nights at the Kentucky Mine!
  • Pioneer Experiences of Augustus Moore
  • “Register” Provides Account of Sierraville History
  • Membership Corner

Sierran Fall 2010 [PDF]

  • Romano Ranch
  • Looking for Historic Photos
  • The Sierra County Vault Has Withstood the Test of Time
  • Prehistoric Use of Hot Rock Cooking in Sierra Valley, Conclusion

Sierran Summer-Fall 2010 [PDF]

  • The Impact of Lester Pelton’s Water Wheel On the Development of California Rivals the 49ers!
  • Music at the Mine Completes 2010 Season
  • It’s Already Time for the SCHS Annual Meeting!
  • A Replica of the “Monumental” Gold Nugget is Now On Display at the Kentucky Mine & Museum
  • Prehistoric Use of Hot Rock Cooking in Sierra Valley, Part 3
  • Restoration Work at the Lagomarsino Cabin Continues – You Can Help!
  • Cabin Continues – You Can Help!

Sierran Spring 2010 [PDF]

  • Memories of Loyalton
  • Prehistoric Use of Hot Rock Cooking in Sierra Valley, Part 2
  • Experience Yesteryear In Sierra City at the Kentucky Mine and Museum Today!
  • New Fundraisers For the Kentucky Mine Museum

Sierran Winter 2009-10 [PDF]

  • Carl Scholberg
  • Prehistoric Use of Hot Rock Cooking in Sierra Valley, Part 1
  • Joe-Ann Buczkowske

Sierran Fall 2009 [PDF]

  • The “Flying Paperboy” – The Story of Hal Wright and the Sierra Booster
  • Annual Meeting Notice

Sierran Spring-Summer 2009 [PDF]

  • The Emil Loeffler Family

Sierran Winter 2008-09 [PDF]

  • The Early Days of Alleghany – A Family History
  • Setting the Stage – for the arrival of Native Americans)
  • Kentucky Mine Museum – New Additions
  • Townsend’s Big-Eared Bats
  • Recipies Wanted

Sierran Fall 2008 [PDF]

  • A Look at the Busch-Heringlake
    (aka Wells Fargo Express) Building in Sierra City
  • Notice of Annual Meeting
  • Anne Eldred Retires After 10 Year’s Service
    Kentucky Mine Museum Curator
  • Archaeological Research Project
    Going On In Sierra Valley
  • Kentucky Mine Museum Notes
  • County Historical Society Memorial Fund
  • Music at the Mine
  • In Memoriam: William Herbert Long

Sierran Spring-Summer 2008 [PDF]

  • Lagomarsino Cabin — Two Points of View
  • Ed G. White
  • Annual Meeting – September 14, 2008
  • Volunteers Wanted

Sierran Winter 2007-08 [PDF]

  • The Great Flood of 1937, Downieville, California
  • Presidents Message – January 18, 2008
  • Washoe Subsistence Strategies Included Visits
    to Sierra Valley – Continued from The Sierran, Fall 2007

Sierran Fall 2007 [PDF]

  • The Flood of 1997
  • In Memoriam: Mike Heuer and Joe Marcantonio
  • Monico’s, We’ll Miss You!
  • Loeffler Family Reunion
  • The Washoe in Sierra Valley

Sierran Spring 2007 [PDF]

  • Holly House
  • Music at the Mine – 2007
  • Keirn-Lagomarsino Cabin, Loganville, CA

Sierran Fall-Winter 2006 [PDF]

  • In Memoriam: Milt Gottardi
  • Members: Your Help Wanted!
  • “The Sierran”
  • Meet Your New Officers and Executive Board of The Sierra County Historical Society
  • The History of the Golden West Hotel – Loyalton, California
  • Bing Foo Gee
  • Annual Meeting Report September 10, 2006 – Webber Lake
  • Follow Up to Our Annual Meeting

Sierran Summer 2006 [PDF]

  • David Gould Webber
  • Concert Series Information
  • The Humphrey Family of Northern California and Northern Nevada
  • Historical Society Members Invited To View Petroglyphs

Sierran Winter 2005 [PDF]

  • History of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church
  • Early Hospital Care in Sierra County
  • Early Epidemics in Sierra County
  • Trip to Gold Valley Yields Ancient Treasure

Sierran Summer 2005 [PDF]

  • Yarringtons in Sierra Valley
  • Uncle Marion Remembered

Sierran Winter 2004 [PDF]

  • Uncle Marion Remembered
  • Sierra County Historical Society Annual Meeting
  • Kentucky Mine Museum-Gold Mine and Stamp Mill

Sierran Fall 2004 [PDF]

  • History of Schools in the Sierra Valley

Sierran Summer 2004 [PDF]

  • Their Voices Still Echo in the Canyons
  • School Teaching Memories

Sierran Spring 2004 [PDF]

  • The Carman Valley

Sierran Summer 2003 [PDF]

  • The Purdy Family and the N&O Railroad
  • Railway War with Beckwith

Sierran Spring 2003 [PDF]

  • The Boca and Loyalton Railroad

Sierran Winter 2002 [PDF]

  • The Cabins at Sardine Lodge
  • Alleghany’s Museum

Sierran Spring 2002 [PDF]

  • Herb Nichols and the Old Nichols Mill
  • Loyalton up to 2002
  • Sattley Sesquicentennial Sizzles

Sierran Fall 2001 [PDF]

  • Brewster’s 1856 Survey for the Trans-Sierra Road

Sierran Spring 2001 [PDF]

  • Loyalton in the Early 1900’s
  • Mittie Meyers Chaplin