Historical Society Update and 2016 Renewal


On behalf of the Sierra County Historical Society Board of Directors, thank you for your commitment to our organization. Generous gifts like yours help us operate the Kentucky Mine Museum and Historic Park in Sierra City. Your donations sustain our ongoing endeavors: “Music at the Mine”, The Sierran newsletter, current projects and this website: sierracountyhistory.org.


Museum and Park Projects


This year your renovation donations were used to purchase and install ultraviolet protective film for all the museum windows.


The preservation of the stamp mill is our highest priority now. Due to the colony of Townsend Big-Eared Bats in the mill and mine tunnel, linseed oil must be used to preserve the stamp mill. This is a huge job and we are putting it out to bid now for completion in the spring. It is essential that we maintain our historical resources.


Members receive free entrance to the museum and tours and don’t forget the annual picnic in the fall at a location of historic interest. We hope you will join or continue your support by renewing your membership.


Thank you for helping us preserve Sierra County’s historic legacy.


Don Yegge, Membership Chair
Phone: 530-993-4843 or email: membershipatsierracountyhistorydotorg

We’re Closed for the Winter


But we’ll be open by Memorial Day….  visit us next summer when the weather is warm and we’re ready to share our history again.



Kentucky Mine Historic Park and Museum

Sierra County California's Kentucky Mine Historic Park and MuseumWhen the Kentucky Mine stamp mill was up and running at its maximum, you could hear the ten 1,000-pound stamps crushing gold-veined quartz ore for miles around. In fact, the din of the several stamp mills operating near Sierra City during the gold rush days of the 1800s was so uproarious that people had to get inside somewhere in order to carry on a conversation!

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